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Profile of a Showroomer and 40 Tips to Combat Showrooming

Posted by Andrew Donahey | Fri, Jun 28, 2013 @ 12:00 PM

female profilesShowrooming. You've heard of it, you've read a few articles about it, you've watched enough potential customers walk out after your sales staff's dissertation on your product, and now you're ready to take action. Your goal? Increased sales because of showrooming, not lost sales! 

What is Showrooming?

Showrooming is when a consumer examines merchandise in a brick and mortar store, engages your staff for information and "test drives", then leaves the store to research the last variable, better pricing. Either way, they left your store and you've lost the sale.Profile of a Showroomer

Think showrooming is not a serious threat to your business? It is. Here's a look at at how consumers are showrooming today.

Anderson Robbins Research for Linkable Networks says:

  • 23% of people will leave a store when offered a 5-10% discount elsewhere
  • 62% of people will leave a store when offered a 15-20% discount elsewhere
  • 13% of all shoppers will check their smart phone before purchasing
  • 32% have used a bar code scanning app

Best Buy says:

  • 40% of in-store traffic have no intent to buy 

ClickIQ says:

  • Most showroomers who are ready to purchase will only leave for a nearby brick and mortar store

Deloitte Digital says:

  • Smart phones influenced $159 billion in US store sales in 2012, about 5% of total sales for the year
  • Mobile influence is projected to grow to over $689 billion in 2016, about 17% of total retail sales

A Harris Interactive Poll says:

  • 59% of survey responders would prefer to use a smart phone to search for information than ask a salesperson for help
  • Men’s average spend online is $210, while women are spending only about $137
These stats are alarming, three alarm fire like. Fear not Mr. or Ms. Store Owner and general managers. We've put together a new guide, 40 Tips to Combat Showrooming, to help you increase sales, not lose them.
showrooming prevention tips

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Written by Andrew Donahey

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