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3 Ways Check Services Spice Up Holiday Sales

Posted by Kris Coughtry | Mon, Oct 15, 2012 @ 10:00 AM

Holiday salesIt's that time of year. Just as we start dusting off the Halloween decorations and ordering the heritage turkey, the forecasts for holiday retail sales start rolling in. Holiday sales this year are predicted to increase and many of the big retailers are putting in plans and setting up programs to make sure they capture the dollars. Cyber Monday is getting even more attention than Black Friday, and new electronics are sure to be a hit. With all this going on, how do you compete for your slice of the holiday pie?

If you're a small to mid-size retailer here are three simple ways that check services can help you compete with the retail giants during the busy holiday season.

1. Multiple Check - better than layaway. As further proof of what is old is new again, layaway has returned as a purchase incentive must-have. After some great success with layaway programs last year, mainly for toy and electronics purchases, several stores have brought the program back for a limited time this year. So what's better than layaway? How about a service that lets the customer pay by 2-4 checks that are deposited over a period of time, usually thirty days. This gives your customers that extra time they need to get the money together, but rather than wait weeks or even months to take home their purchase, as they would with layaway, they get to take it home that same day. This is a great solution for customers looking to spruce up their home with new furniture before the holidays, along with buying gifts for friends and relatives. For the retailer, this avoids having to store the purchase and saves administrative time in managing the layaway desk. And a Multiple Check service can work all year long, on a variety of items.

2. Electronic Processing - less time at the bank. Holiday hiring is hitting the news, too, and the cost of seasonal employees can eat into your profits. An electronic check processing service can reduce the time you, or your staff, spend on deposit paperwork and going to the bank each day. More time in the store and less time standing in line at the bank could mean more time for your customers, more sales....and on and on. Consider a service that provides electronic deposit right from your office such as Remote Deposit Capture Plus and you could reduce the need for extra help.

3. COD - "Check" on Delivery. The holiday season is a great time to offer your customers the added convenience of delivery. In between tree-lighting ceremonies, picking up relatives at the airport and visits to Santa, customers can choose to "shop by phone" and order their gifts for shipment COD.  Retailers can use a check guarantee service to authorize the check payment ahead of time and make the sale. In addition to saving time, this can be a great solution for customers that don't want to blow the budget by overusing their credit cards or for those who may not have access to credit. Restaurants can also utilize a check service COD program and provide meal delivery for exhausted holiday shoppers.

Check services can provide ways for businesses to connect with customers by providing flexibility, affordability and convenience all wrapped up together. To find out more about the different types of check services available for retailers all year long, download the guide below.

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Topics: Retail, Electronic Check Processing

Written by Kris Coughtry