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DIY Tools Include Check Payment Programs

Posted by Charles Dortch on Wed, Oct 03, 2012 @ 02:00 PM

Home Improvement projectsDIY home improvement projects pay big dividends for homeowners, but procuring the necessary materials can be costly and cumbersome. Home improvement retailers and building supply centers can boost  sales by offering a wide range of payment options, including flexible check services. As a retailer, this creates a win-win situation for you and for the people who shop in your store. Here is a breakdown of the DIY home improvement projects most often recommended by real estate professionals for their potential to increase the value of a home:

  • Cleaning and eliminating clutter: for an average cost of around $400, this has a potential return on investment of about 400%
  • Adding light and making the home brighter: an investment of just $425 to lighten and brighten the home can bring a 300% return on investment
  • Upgrading plumbing and electrical infrastructure: here, $800 worth of upgrades can command an extra $3,000 when the home is sold
  • Exterior landscaping: ROIs in the 200% range are not uncommon when landscaping features are added or improved
  • Home staging: investing $725 in home staging projects can translate into a boosted resale price of more than $2,000

The more a homeowner invests, the greater the potential return on investment. However, the problem is that many people just don't have hundreds or thousands of dollars available to plunk down at a home improvement store. This is where check products and services, particularly multiple check payments, can pay big dividends for your business.

Credit cards allow consumers to pay off debts over time, but the interest charges add up and can discourage people from pulling the trigger on a major purchase. Building Supply check programs such as Multiple Check provide a superior alternative, providing the same convenience without interest charges.

A standard multiple check policy allows a customer to submit two to four checks for a purchase, which are deposited by the merchant at specified intervals. In addition to boosted sales, you will also benefit by providing superior customer service which can increase customer loyalty and encourage return visits to your store.

Check services and multiple check policies allow your customers to make their home improvement dreams a reality. Payment processing industry statistics show that the greater the selection of payment options a store offers, the more business it tends to generate. Diversifying beyond cash, credit cards and single check policies helps you sell more products and, ultimately, increase your profit margins. Find out how check guarantee services can increase sales at your store.

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