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A Payment Services Problem Solver

Posted by Charles Dortch on Thu, Aug 02, 2012 @ 10:20 AM

Payment SolutionsI don’t really consider myself a salesperson. When I’m out on the road I get approached by people who ask me what exactly it is that I do. Despite some extra midsection pounds, some people think I’m either a former or current athlete. Some think I’m an actor. Others think I’m in radio. Whenever this question is posed I simply respond by saying my job is to speak with people and solve their payment processing-related problems.

You may think I sell check guarantee services or remote deposit capture processing, but what I really do is provide solutions to help retailers increase business, simplify their back-office accounting, improve cash flow and, in turn, provide solutions to their customers.

A good sales person is more than just someone who sells a product. A good salesperson knows that selling requires fact finding and listening before making the sale. In most cases my job entails meeting with a client or prospect, asking them a series of questions and listening closely to their responses. The listening portion is very important because their responses will ultimately steer me towards providing them with a solution that best fits their business' needs. When it comes to payment services, one size does not fit all. Different businesses have different needs and I want to make sure to find the program that provides the most value to my client.
For example, if I'm meeting with home furnishings business owners as I am this week in Las Vegas, I ask if they offer layaway programs. Many businesses provide this as a service to their customers and customers pay over time before they get to take home their purchase. I think I have a better solution: Multiple Check. The business makes the sale by accepting 2-4 checks for deposit over an extended period of time and the customer doesn't have to wait for their furniture. That's a great solution for the business and the customer!

Sometimes I meet with the accounting manager of a chain of stores and she tells me about the challenge of getting her remote locations to make deposits on a daily basis. The stores have to send someone to the bank during store hours and can't always take the time to do this every day before the bank closes. I can see right away that a remote deposit capture service can eliminate those trips to the bank, let the remote location stores deposit from their "desktop" each evening, or whenever is convenient, and direct those deposits to one, main account. That gets the funds into her account sooner, and saves a lot of account transfers and paperwork.
Payment services and payment needs are constantly changing and maybe there are time-saving benefits you're missing. Maybe you already have a service in place. Is that service doing all that you need it to do? Are you taking advantage of new payment technology and processing solutions? Now could be a good time to talk to a sales team member about your challenges and put a solution in place. If you're not quite ready for that, take a look at our newest guide - Choosing a Check Service for Your Business. Then give us a call, we are professional problem solvers and we are here to help you. 


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