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Multiple Check Guarantee Service: A Payment "Superhero"

Posted by Kris Coughtry | Mon, May 07, 2012 @ 10:00 AM

payment processing, multiple checkIt may not have super strength, a flashy costume or the ability to fly, but a Multiple Check service can transform lack luster sales into record breaking revenue and put smiles on your customers' faces. It's a great solution for tough times and offers several advantages over a layaway service. Here's a look at how it can save the day for your business.

Imagine you're a furniture dealer and a customer is shopping for a new sofa. You show her your new line and now she wants the whole set; a matching chair and ottoman and side tables, too. You have the furniture in stock and can set her up right away. Rather than offer a layaway program that means she'll have to wait a month or more, use a Multiple Check program to take several checks and spread the payments out. Your customer gets to enjoy her purchase right away and you get to close out the month strong!

Or maybe you sell appliances. Your customer is in a hurry for a new freezer to replace the old one that just quit this morning... filled with packages of steaks, ribs, and lots of ice cream. He needs it now but is short on cash and the credit card is maxed. Multiple Check to the rescue! Let him write four checks for the total, but deposit only one today. Schedule the remaining three for deposit over the next month. The steaks are saved and you've created some customer loyalty with a simple check service.

Layaway services are convenient and saw a renewed popularity over the holidays last year.  Customers love them as it helps focus efforts to save for big purchases and can ease the pressure to add to credit card debt. With layaway, though, the purchase is delayed weeks or months which doesn't work for emergency repairs or unexpected expenses. A Multiple Check service lets the customer pay that day and leave with their purchase.

Multiple Check provides benefits for all kinds of businesses and Multiple Check services are available with standard and electronic check processing programs. Building supply, bike shops, auto repair, veterinary offices and funeral parlors are just a few examples of businesses that can improve sales and customer service by offering a flexible check payment program. Find out how Multiple Check with guarantee can benefit your business and put some power into your sales.

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Written by Kris Coughtry