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Auto Dealers: Petaluma and AutoTrader's Car Tech Impact Study

Posted by Andrew Donahey | Thu, Feb 18, 2016 @ 01:00 PM

Petaluma, California, like its southerly neighbor San Francisco, is known for electic goings on. The World Wrist Wrestling Championships are held in Petaluma. It was once known as the Egg Basket of the World, and no one who has witnessed it can forget the World's Ugliest Dog competition. CrossCheck proudly calls Petaluma home too.

For auto lovers though, American Graffiti rumbles the loudest! The most iconic scenes, the driving ones in particular, were shot in downtown Petaluma. The '32 Ford Deuce Coupe vs the Harrison Ford-driven '55 Chevy scene is at the apex of drag racing cinematography. Biased? Just a skosh.


Why the appeal? Simple times, simpler values may be, and for this argument, simpler cars. Roll down windows, no on-board computers, and the average wrench could make sense of the mechanics. 

Today though, cars are all about technology, safety and the Internet of Things. Who doesn't want to sync their smartphone to their car so they can hands-free voice text their BFF the day's rundown? Lest you get distracted in your bumper-to-bumper commute, wouldn't automatic braking come in handy? There's so much more than that, Mr. and Mrs. Auto Dealer, and by now you're connecting the dots. You're thinking, "Eureka! If I stock cars with the most wanted technologies, whether infotainment or safety-based, and I educate my salespeople about those technologies and generational preferences, then we can increase sales!"

BINGO, or X marks the spot in this case, and here is the roadmap to consumer purchasing profiles as related to car technology in the form of AutoTrader's 2016 Car Tech Impact Study. Peek inside this easy-to-read, visually-based deck:

  • U.S. adults spend nearly 3 hours of non-voice time on their mobile devices each day
  • 4 in 10 adults spend more than 60 minutes in their vehicle each day
  • 56% of consumers use their phone in some capacity while driving
  • 57% of consumers want manufacturers to focus on better smartphone/car integration, not a system proprietary to their device, or the auto manufacturer
  • Thankfully, 87% of consumers would choose safety features over infotainment features
  • 65% of consumers will purchase a car from your competitor if your car lacks the the technology they desire
  • 70% of consumers are likely to consider a vehicle with autonomous features during their next purchase
  • Generational preferences of Millennials, Gen X and Boomers+

Auto buying consumers want safety, and when it comes to accepting checks, so do auto dealers. Let Check Guarantee be the drag-racing parachute that ensures your revenue falls to the bottom line and doesn't careen off the strip in a dusty rollover. To learn more about Check Guarantee, click below.


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Written by Andrew Donahey

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