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Auto Aftermarket Entering Bull Territory

Posted by Tom Lombardo | Sun, Sep 27, 2015 @ 07:00 AM

Auto aftermarket owners and managers who focus on personal service, deep knowledge, and instant delivery have seen profits rise and market share expand, according to the Motor Equipment Manufacturers Association (MEMA). auto-aftermarket-demand-increasing.jpg

And it's not just the big corporations winning.

AutoZone, Advance and O'Reilly control only 40% of the auto aftermarket. As a group their recent stock performance put them in the top ten in a field of 197 industries, and analysts expect them to continue enjoying 10% or better earnings growth through 2017.They're not worried about online competition from Amazon, and independents shouldn't be either. MEMA found that all auto aftermarket owners and managers are uniquely suited to capitalize on their physical store. This is especially true as Americans start to drive more thanks to the drop in the price of gas, which plummeted to $2.40 across much of the nation for the Labor Day weekend.

MEMA expects more driving to create a greater need for maintenance and replacement parts. That's especially likely since people hold on to their cars for longer. They'll need your help, pure and simple. Since you're going to be seeing a lot more customers, be sure you can close every sale without risking your bottom line. Some of our auto aftermarket customers get 25% or more of their revenue in the form of checks. We can help you focus on your next customer rather than worry about returned payments!

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Written by Tom Lombardo