Auto Dealer Industry Associations


The Automobile Dealers Association of Alabama, Inc. (ADAA) is a non-profit trade association representing and serving the interests of Alabama's 300 franchised new car and truck dealers. For more information, please visit


describe the imageThe Chicago Automobile Trade Association (CATA) basic tenets are to promote honesty and dependability in business operations; employ truth and accuracy in dealer advertising; standing by guarantees; improve business methods and ethics and keeping competition fair so that dealers and the public are well-served; and refraining from practices detrimental to the industry or contrary to the public interest. Over the past century, these locally based small businesses have provided good paying jobs for their employees, who, in turn, contribute to their communities. For more information, visit:

The Ford Minority Dealers Association (FMDA) goal is to improve the quality and quantity of Ford Motor Minority Dealers Association dealerships through effective leadership and participation from a unified organization whose goal is parity. For more information, visit:


GIADA auto dealer associationGeorgia Independent Automotive Dealers Association (GIADA)
is a not-for-profit industry trade association that has been the voice of Georgia’s independent auto dealers since 1955. GIADA is committed to representing, educating, and informing Georgia’s most successful independent motor vehicle dealers. Dealers turn to GIADA to provide them solutions and answers to business related questions and consumer related questions. For more about GIADA, visit:

The Greater Lehigh Valley Auto Dealers Association (GLVADA) encourages people to buy their vehicles here in the greater Lehigh Valley region, where their purchases benefit our local economy — keeping people employed, dealerships growing and business taxes flowing into municipalities. By stimulating sales at our member dealerships, we in turn are able to reinvest in the community. For more information, visit:

  GMMDA auto dealer associationGeneral Motors Minority Dealers Association (GMMDA) serves General Motors minority-owned automobile dealerships who sell and service new and used General Motors vehicles. The GMMDA works closely with General Motors Corporation, federal, state, and local government agencies, and other private entities to promote the success, viability and profitability of existing and future GM minority-owned automobile dealerships. The GMMDA represents over 100 minority owned GM dealerships in the United States. For more about GMMDA, visit:

The Hawaiian Auto Dealers Association (HADA) helps auto dealers comply with the laws to make car buying by the public trouble free. Visit for information on their dealers, legislative activity and events.


The Houston Auto Dealer Association (HADA) is comprised of approximately 170 franchised new car and truck dealers employing over 30,000 people in the Houston area alone. HADA is proud to serve as the local backbone for Houston’s automotive industry. By providing educational seminars and workshops, legislative representation, community service programs and services designed to assist franchised new car and truck dealers, HADA is committed to promoting and maintaining a competitive automotive industry in Houston and the individual communities their members serve. For more about HADA, visit:

IADA auto dealer associationIowa Automotive Dealers Association (IADA) The Iowa Automobile Dealers Association is a non-profit voluntary membership organization established in 1919. The mission of the Iowa Automobile Dealers Association is to protect, preserve, and increase the value of the motor vehicle franchise system and to provide support and services to all member dealerships. For more information about IADA, visit:


MADA auto dealer associationThe Michigan Automobile Dealers Association (MADA) is a statewide non-profit trade association that represents the unique interests of the more than 700 franchised new-vehicle dealerships in the state. For more about MADA, visit:

Since its founding in the 1930's, Oregon Automobile Dealers Association (OADA) primary mission has been to represent and promote the retail automotive business in Oregon. Through a wide range of community programs and events, public policy and industry representation, and ongoing dealership management and benefit programs, OADA and its franchised new car and truck dealer members are well positioned to meet the 21st century challenges of a changing economy and an industry in transition. Today OADA has over 200 members who represent over 90% of the new vehicles sold in Oregon. For more information, visit:


South Dakota Auto Dealers AssociationThe South Dakota Auto Dealers Association (SDADA) represents over 150 dealerships throughout South Dakota. The mission of SDADA is to encourage fair and open competition among all dealers and to provide consumers with the highest level of value and service for their automobiles, trucks and motorcycles. SDADA works to support and enact legislation that protects members from unfair manufacturer restrictions. The association provides access to a variety of services, including insurance, group purchasing and financing. For more information about SDADA, visit:

The Virginia Automobile Dealers Association (VADA) represents franchised new car and truck dealers in the Commonwealth of Virginia. In addition to advocacy on behalf of dealers in the legislature, with regulators, and with manufacturers, the second key component of association's vision is join Virginia dealers together to obtain economies of scale in the purchasing of products and services such as insurance. For more about VADA, visit:


The Wyoming Automobile Dealers Association (WADA) is a statewide membership organization of Factory Authorized new car and truck dealers whose purpose is to promote an ethical, favorable business climate and to serve the common needs of it's members through services, education and representation. For more about WADA, visit: