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Midwest Furniture Store - "We have been using CrossCheck’s Remote Deposit Capture program for the last two years. Accepting personal checks is fairly simple and funds are deposited directly into our checking account.  We also like the Multiple Check program that provides new home buyers with payment options in lieu of financing. CrossCheck’s service fees are very competitive and we highly suggest their programs.” 

Southern California Home Furnishings Store - "We switched from a competitor of yours to CrossCheck in March of 2013 on the hopes your services would be more flexible, easier to use and provide us more coverage. The services have been spot on and suffice it to say, you have not disappointed in going the extra mile to service our account, from salesman to technical support. CrossCheck's remote deposit capture service with guarantee is ideal for us. Guarantee mitigates the risk of accepting checks while remote deposit capture saves time and money because of fewer trips to the bank. Thank you for delivering on what you promised."

Southwest Furniture Store - CrossCheck has helped us be more efficient with our checks and it makes our lives so much easier. The program has been a success for us and you have been very prompt when dealing with any requests or concerns that we have had in the past. We would like to thank you for making us feel confident that we are in good hands."

Midwest Furniture Store Chain - "Our stores have used CrossCheck's Multiple Check program to close a lot of extra sales. Offering 90 days to our customers with no credit check has an important niche in the market. I would recommend this to any dealer who is looking for more flexible payment options."

Southwest Furniture Store - "My business is about making sales, so I don't want to disapprove anything. CrossCheck's system boosts my sales because instead of rejecting a customer I simply run our checks through your guarantee process and oh my goodness! If our other check guarantee service gives us a decline, then I use CrossCheck because you will definitely approve. That's the main key: I was able to ship because of you guys."

Southern California Home Furnishings Chain - "CrossCheck's check guarantee system has enabled us to take checks in our furniture stores, which we couldn't do before. Sometimes [our customers] are afraid to use their credit or debit card so they write a check instead. It's fast and reliable so the customers like to use it better than credit cards."


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