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The testimonials below are clients commenting on CrossCheck's FREE 24/7/365 customer service regarding setup, installation and ease of use.

Nationwide Car Buying Service - "What's really cool about [Charles, Sr. Vice President of Sales] is that once a year, maybe twice a year he would call and say, 'Hey, how are you doing?' ... He never lost touch to tell me that he wanted us back and that is the reason we came back ... He truly understands what a customer is all about and I could tell that it filters down."

"We've always had a check guarantee service for the 22 years I've been here, and we've run the gamet [using other check guarantee companies], and you are definitely the easiest system to use."

Southern California Auto Dealer - "Thank god for Rachel because I would lose my marbles. She is like the best thing that ever happened. I think we were separated at birth."

Hawaii Auto Dealership - "From the minute I called [you] to set this place up – and I’m not your typical dealer franchise model – within two days I had the machine and within 72 hours I was online doing business with you ... [Plus] you guys have made some really great changes to your software. It’s very user friendly."

[Regarding Charles Dortch, CrossCheck's Senior VP of Sales]: "He’s done a great job for us. He always takes my call.  Our business is basically a business of relationships and networking and handshakes. He’s a man of his word. You guys have done a great job and Charles has been a great ally and I really appreciate it."

Southern California Home Furnishings Chain - "It was easy to get everything set up and they had an easy transition."

Southwest Furniture Store - "Michelle will not stop until I am satisfied. She's a very, very helpful lady and one of the best assets of your company."

California Building Materials Chain - "Excellent customer support."

Nationwide Musical Instrument Chain - "Charles was the person we worked with in terms of negotiating a deal and setting up the contract and pushing everything through ... Everything went really smooth on the implementation and we hit our timeline as expected."

Nationwide Jewelry Chain - "Hello, I just wanted to extend my thanks and appreciation for Angela. Working with her has been a great pleasure ... Angela always provided the utmost best service ever. I will truly miss working with her. Also, Leydiana was very nice to work with as well ... It's because of associates like these that I would recommend CrossCheck. They made all the difference to me and my company. My hat goes off to them! May they be rewarded with the same excellence, and more, as the excellence they provided to me. Thank you."

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