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Check Guarantee Services for Veterinarians

Posted by Kris Coughtry on Thu, Apr 05, 2012 @ 10:00 AM

checks service for vetsPet owners and veterinarians know that pet care goes way beyond supplying a good diet, plenty of exercise and some quality play time. We all know, pets are family members. So, trips to the vet for regular check-ups, along with treatment for unexpected illnesses, are just as important. Often, though, pet owners are not prepared for the cost of these visits, particularly those that seem catastrophic. Veterinarians using a check guarantee service can offer payment options to their pet owners, easing the strain of unexpected costs and helping to take the bite out of big bills.
According to a poll conducted last year, pet owners spent more than $1000 on average for pets with a serious illness. About one in six pet owners said their pet faced a serious illness during the year, according to the poll. Vets using a check guarantee Multiple Check program can offer payment options to their pet owners, giving them extra time to gather funds. This provides convenience for the pet owner and guaranteed funds for the veterinary office. With a check service in place, checks are guaranteed up to the warranty limit. Additional programs including Stop Payment and Partial Payment are also recommended for veterinarian offices.

Here are how these payment services work:

Multiple Check: With a Multiple Check program, the vet office can take two to four checks for payment, and deposit them over a thirty day period according to a schedule agreed upon by the pet owner. Multiple Check can be effective for pet purchases, too. When customers can't resist the puppy in the window, a Multiple Check program lets them spread their check purchase over thirty days but still take their new pet home that day. 

Partial Payment: Payment by check plus cash or credit card provides some flexibility, especially when there isn't much available credit. With a standard guarantee service and the Partial Payment enhancement, the check payment is protected under the guarantee program.

Stop Payment: Stop Payment checks are sometimes the result when a pet fails to respond to treatment.  Resolving these types of returns can be stressful and often unsuccessful for a business. CrossCheck's Stop Payment premium provides protection from these check returns and can save your office from trying to collect these on your own.

With credit card debt at an all time high, many pet owners prefer to pay for treatment and purchases by check. CrossCheck's guarantee services can help them do that. Check out more information on services for medical and veterinary offices here then get back to what you do best... providing quality care for your pet patients and their owners.

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